Introduction to ASP.NET MVC


Here am going to provide basic concepts of ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET MVC is an architecture to develop ASP.NET web applications in different way than the traditional ASP.NET web development.

MVC stands for Model..View..Controller and it is framework for building web applications using MVC design or pattern. It is also provide full control on HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

MVC Architecture
As we said before MVC stands for Model..View..Controller, entire MVC architecture roam on these three layers.

Model is just like a class file.
Model is accessible by both Controller and View.
Model is used to pass data from controller to View.

View is an ASPX page or Razor file without having a code behind file
All page specific HTML generation and formatting can be done inside view
One can use Inline code (server tags ) to develop dynamic pages
A request to view (ASPX page) can be made only from a controller’s action method

Controller is basically a class which inherits system.mvc.controller
Controller is a heart of the entire MVC architecture
Inside Controller’s class action methods can be implemented which are responsible for responding to browser OR calling views.
Controller can access and use model class to pass data to views
Controller uses ViewData to pass any data to view

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