Changing SQL Server Collation After Installation

Basically, collation defines the rules for how strings of characters data are stored and compared. Based on the norms of a particular language it will vary. Query conditions will change depending on the language configured. The server collation acts as the default collation for all the system databases and also newly created databases. we can … [Read more…]

Change the Default Locations for Data and Log Files in SqlServer

By Default in SqlServer, new database files are being created and stored in %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQLXXX.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA. This path can be changed to desired or configured path. To change Data and log files path Connect to SqlServre using SSMS Select connected Server and then Properties From Server properties –> Select Page (left side) –> Database … [Read more…]

TFS 2015 or Azure DevOps Pipeline Build Definition – setting output location

TFS 2013 Build Definition has an Output Location option (AsConfigured, PerProject, SingleFolder) but this option is not available in the later version. TFS 2013 is XAML based build definition, later versions new build definitions are added like vNext/YML. So in TFS 2015 or later versions if we use vNext/YML build definition this option is no … [Read more…]

.NET Core and .NET Standard

As the newest members of the .NET family, there’s much confusion about .NET Core and .NET Standard and how they differ from the .NET Framework. In this article, I’ll explain exactly what each of these are and look at when you should choose each one. Before going into detail, it’s helpful to look at the larger … [Read more…]

AngularJS Multiple ng-app within a page

To run multiple applications means to have multiple ng-app with in the same page we need to bootstrap the modules. Below example will explain in detail Above example we have two applications “myApp1” and “myApp2”, to run both the applications on the same page we have to bootstrap the application.

Introduction to sql

A nice introduction to SQL will begin by looking at databases in terms of what they are and why and when you want to use them, how SQL will link with databases and how it will be useful. A brief history of databases:   In the 1960’s IBM researches, in particular, automating data storage and indexing … [Read more…]

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It helps to create single-page applications, one-page web applications that only require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express … [Read more…]

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC Here am going to provide basic concepts of ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC is an architecture to develop ASP.NET web applications in a different way than the traditional ASP.NET web development. MVC stands for Model..View..Controller and it is a framework for building web applications using MVC design or pattern. It is also provide full … [Read more…]